Opening Sailfish OS HW Adaptation Source Code for Sony Xperia™ X

Dear community members,

Today we are happy to announce our first publicly available Hardware Adaptation sources and instructions for Sailfish X, aka Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia™ X!

This will enable you to create a Sailfish OS image and flash it to your own Sony Xperia™ X. It is targeted to the eager and highly skilled developers in our community to create their own images and even help us out by contributing back to those open sourced HW adaptation repositories, which we in turn shall use for the official Sailfish X images and updates.

If you are a developer in our community who has previously done Sailfish OS ports to other devices, we recommend you to give it a shot. Please carefully follow the instructions we have on and make sure you fully understand them. They will be your ticket to getting the OS working on your Xperia™ X, and if you’re feeling even more adventurous, you should be able to adapt them to run on other Sony’s Open Devices. All of this can be achieved via the guidance of the #sailfishos-porters Freenode IRC channel, say hello there!

The aim throughout this endeavor is to get individuals building a Sailfish OS image and flashing it to their devices, (meaning, trying it out before official releases), enjoying apps from the Jolla Store, and contributing back to HW adaptation improvements.

I would like to thank the tech lead of Sony Open Devices, Alin Jerpelea, for assisting us in this great collaboration opportunity, relentlessly facilitating solutions to ease integration and producing a great, open-source base for our ports.

Please note that working with HADK requires a lot of skill, and naturally you will perform these actions at your own risk. Good luck!

.. and happy hacking,

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