Jolla C shipments & what’s next?

We’re happy to tell you that all of the community device program Jolla C devices have now been shipped. These also include the few challenging cases, which for different reasons did not ship during July as promised. So if you were among these rare exceptions, you should receive your device in a few days. We hope you all enjoy your new Jolla devices.  

The Sailfish Community Device Program continues soon in August with the first online sessions – in mid-August we’ll arrange two sessions with working titles “Sailfish OS tips and tricks” and “Community Pootle”. All program participants will be invited to attend the live sessions, and for others we’ll post the sessions later to Our community manager James Noori will email event invitations to you in a few days.      

Any ideas, suggestions or questions related to the community program? Please email or comment here in the blog. 

On behalf of the Jolla team,

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