Sailfish X program roll out starting

Ahoy Sailfish fans and followers,

After months of hard work from Jolla engineers and the amazing Sailfish community, we are confident that the software is ready to be made available and we can start the actual roll out. You will need to bear with us a bit through the process, we’re a small team, and thus we’ll need to do this in phases to best serve all our customers eagerly waiting for Sailfish X.

The software is looking very good for now, we have been able to verify the new flashing process, and the downloads should be ready to roll on October 11th as communicated earlier. Many thanks for your comments in regards to Linux flashing. We fully understand this is very important topic for many of you and we’re looking all the time ways for a workaround to enable it together with the Sailfish community. However, as noted already in some blog comments, Sony from now on officially supports only the Emma tool on Windows platform.

As we start this in phases, we also wanted to leave some buffer between Tablet refund vouchers and opening the general sales to ensure smooth roll-out and capacity to support customers (believe me, there are always cases to resolve!) thus we have decided to align the wider sales opening to start at the same time with the SW distribution. In the Jolla team we have the same persons running these in practice, and if anything goes wrong with either the vouchers or sales, we’ll need to reserve adequate capacity to respond and help our customers.


Sailfish X sites open today


So, today October 4, we open the Sailfish X shop, publish the Sailfish X product page, and open the possibility for Tablet refund folks to obtain a credit voucher to use for purchasing Sailfish X. This will be followed next week as we open the general sales for all customers, including previous Jolla C community program members, in connection with the Sailfish X downloads start.

There’s been questions about the available markets, so let me open up that process for you. In the first phase Sailfish X is available to purchase in EU, Norway and Switzerland. We’re looking to enable additional markets based on interest but please understand that with our team size we can’t just jump everywhere at once. Europe, being our home market, is the natural place to start. We’ll get back to this once ready!

All in all, what we are happy to say that the Sony Xperia™ X device is simply the best device currently to run official Sailfish OS, and its tech specs, camera quality, screen, and design if you like, will take the Sailfish OS experience to a whole new level. Let’s enjoy it together soon!

Sincerely yours,

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