Jolla Winter Ambience Contest: get Sailfish X for free!

From spending the holidays with family around a fireplace to skiing downhill, from twilight landscapes to candid-white mountains, winter is the favorite season for many people. As the season is approaching, Jolla Community Italia, partnering with Jolla, is opening a contest to get free copies of Sailfish X and an exclusive hoodie by Jolla! Participating is easy, we would like you to share with us the most magical aspects of winter. Furthermore, the winning photos will be featured on a forthcoming Sailfish OS update!

How to enter the Jolla Winter Ambience Contest

  1. Take a photo (or photos) or choose your favorite(s) from your existing photos. You can submit several entries, but please don’t overdo it – quality matters here!
  2. The chosen photo(s) should have a minimum size of 2048×2048px. If your image is larger, it can be either portrait or landscape – in the end it needs to work both ways. You can use whatever equipment you have to take the photos.
  3. Read and understand the terms and conditions found below.
  4. Go here and fill in the required information to the fields and submit your photo(s).
  5. The chosen photos will be announced on both Jolla and Jolla Community Italia social networks and later included in the actual Jolla products.

The Jolla Winter Ambience Contest is open from November 30 to December 31, 2017.

Terms & conditions

Please read the terms and conditions before sending a photo entry for the Jolla Winter Ambience Contest. By submitting a photo, you agree with the following terms and conditions.

Who are eligible to participate?
Submitting a photo for the Jolla Winter Ambience Contest is open to everyone, regardless of whether they have purchased a Jolla.

Photo submission period
Photo submissions are accepted from November 30 to December 31, 2017. All photo entries must be submitted during this period to be considered for the Jolla Winter Ambience Contest.

Submitting a photo
Upload your photos and the required details via the submission form. By sending your photo entry, you agree to license your submission to Jolla under Creative Commons BY 4.0.

Entry Rules/Guidelines
The photo must be a digital photo, and hence should be uploaded in a digital format.
The content in photo must be owned fully by the contestant.
The submission size of photo should be kept under 8MB. If the original file size is larger than that, we will contact you for original file if your photo is selected.
The photo should have a minimum resolution of 2048x2048px.
If recognizable people are portrayed in a photo, the subject(s) must have given the photographer permission to have the photograph taken and used by Jolla without additional consideration.

Each of the 3 winners will get a free copy of Sailfish X and a Jolla exclusive hoodie. Further 7 photos selected will get a 20% discount for a copy of Sailfish X.

Jolla Ltd. does not accept content for the Jolla Winter Ambience Contest that violates any applicable law or regulations or material protected by intellectual property laws or by rights of privacy or publicity. The photo must not be inappropriate, profane, defamatory, obscene, indecent or unlawful topic, name, material or information. Jolla Ltd. reserves the right to remove or refuse any content for any reason whatsoever.

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