Sailfish 3 is at your doorstep

Rolling out Sailfish 3 this autumn has been our biggest objective this year and we’re happy to report the latest status. It’s time for an update and awaited schedule news.

As we mentioned already in our original Sailfish 3 announcement in Mobile World Congress back in February, Sailfish 3 is a result of rigorous development work done together with Jolla’s licensing partners and the Sailfish community over the course of 2017-2018 – thanks to all of you for the cooperation and contributions! The third generation of our operating system will have clear new benefits for all of its users, be it corporate licensing customers, our developer community members, or daily Sailfish users.

Jolla has always embraced the methodology of continuous development and continuous releases, and Sailfish 3 is no exception. Sailfish 3 is rolled out in phases, and in fact, our latest software update Nurmonjoki already included a few of the new features. Albeit perhaps more relevant for the corporate customers, those still have belonged to our Sailfish 3 list all the time. These items included e.g. VPN improvements and MDM (Mobile Device Management) functionalities.

Schedule for Sailfish 3 and Xperia XA2

Sailfish 3 will be rolled out during October, so that selected community members will receive the software after mid-October, and following the group’s feedback our target is to start with the early access release by the end of October. For those unaware, anyone can sign-in for the Sailfish early access releases to be in the first wave, please see instructions. After that, the full release will be available to everyone in a few weeks depending on the items needing fixes identified by our early access group.

At the same time with the Sailfish 3 early access release we’ll also start to offer Sailfish X for certain Sony Xperia XA2 devices. More details about this will be made available closer to the release date.

We are super excited about Sailfish 3, and can’t wait to bring it for you – I trust you share our feeling. We also have some cool live event plans coming up for you in a few locations, so keep an eye for our coming updates!

Your Jolla captain,

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