Data privacy in Sailfish OS is enhancing even further as GDPR comes into effect

Dear Jolla customers, fans and followers,

We’re extremely proud that we at Jolla have always been careful and sensitive when it comes to handling peoples’ personal data in Sailfish OS. We feel strongly that more companies and organizations should do the same, and thus we’re very pleased to see that the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect this week, on Friday May 25. As privacy and personal data handling is extremely important to us, we have improved our already personal-data-respecting Privacy Policy even further. Sailfish OS is the only mobile OS that does not share or monetize your personal data – that is something we can be proud of together!

If you’re new to the GDPR, to put it very shortly: The GDPR is designed to allow individuals to more effectively control their personal data. The main aim is to improve public trust and harmonize data protection standards across the EU. The regulation will come into force on Friday May 25, 2018.

Here are the cornerstones on how Jolla views data privacy:

1. We collect only a minimum amount of information, only what is needed to run our services
2. We do not monetize your data, or give your data to third parties without your express consent- we only use it to provide our services to you
3. We do not collect any data without your consent
4. And last but not least: we care are about privacy on all levels!

The changes in the privacy policy and related documents are most relevant for all Jolla account holders. You should have received an email about the topic asking to accept our new privacy policy. You can also do this simply by logging in to your Jolla account and clicking accept.

The new regulation strengthens the rights of all consumers related to their personal data collected by different organizations and companies in the EU.

As stated, we have updated our privacy policy to comply with the GDPR. According to the policy you have the right to:

  • access your personal data for any purpose at any time
  • request that we correct if it is inaccurate
  • ask us to delete your data
  • object the use of any particular personal data of yours

Data privacy has always been in the core of Sailfish OS and in the way Jolla operates, and we believe this one of the main reasons why our customers and fans believe in us. And now this only gets stronger.

Thanks for your continued support, and let the sailing continue!

Your Jolla captain,

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