Jolla Winter Ambience Contest: the winners

After the last, exciting, MWC18, we can finally announce the winners of the Jolla Winter Ambience Contest, made in collaboration with Jolla. The winners will get an email in the following days with instructions on how to redeem their prizes.

The winners

  1. Pentti Runko
  2. Cyril Lintanff
  3. Frans de Jonge
  4. Michele Claus
  5. Gabriele Gubinelli
  6. Maria Isabel Fdez Bujalance
  7. Michele Marin
  8. Jevgenijs Kaigorodovs
  9. Tapo Niva
  10. Diego Braschi

From 1st to 3rd will get a free copy of Sailfish X and a Jolla exclusive hoodie. From 4th to 10th will get a 20% discount for a copy of Sailfish X.

Thanks to all the participants and to James Noori, who made this contest possible. Sail on! And stay tuned, further contests will follow!

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