Tablet refunds: Second phase paid out

Greetings to all Jolla Tablet backers

We started to pay the second batch of our refund program to the randomly selected backers using MySQL mathematical functions yesterday, after solving the problems that delayed the transaction.

As of today, 8th of November 2017, 83 of the backers who chose to receive their money will receive a PayPal notification following the transfer of the funds.

Sailfish X vouchers

As communicated on previous blog post, backers could choose an option to receive a voucher valued at €49.90 in order to purchase a Sailfish X license using their remaining refund. As of the publishing date of this blog post, we have over 800 of backers choosing the mentioned option.

We will do our best to avoid such issues and delays for the following phases as they are frustrating as it gets for both parties.

James, on behalf of the refund team

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