Jolla Tablet refund update

Dear Jolla Tablet contributor,

As we have received again quite a lot questions and comments about the status of the Jolla Tablet refunds, it’s time for a quick update. We might not have been able to answer every single question (even though we try hard) about this, so here’s the situation as of today: 

After having all the process technicalities in place and getting all your information processed from the refund tool, we were able to start refunding Jolla Tablet backers during the last week of April. Since then, we have executed well over 80% of all the refunds, and the target is to complete everything by the end of May. However, some of the refunds have failed because of issues on the receivers end, like the Paypal account being closed or the funding instrument having expired. We will reach out to these people during next week. If you haven’t received your refund yet, please first make sure that your account is in order.

Using multiple payment methods – notification issue

There have been some odd cases, which we have had to deal with as well. One of them is that if you contributed/pledged with different payment methods (i.e., with a credit card and with PayPal or credit card via PayPal) you got only one refund notification from PayPal regarding the refund to the credit card contribution. For some reason PayPal does not send a notification for the refund related to the PayPal contribution. 

So, if you’re wondering why the refund amount was smaller than you expected, please check first the balance on your PayPal account. It most likely will be larger than it says in the notification. If not, then the refund has not yet occurred or there has been a malfunction. We kindly advise you to get in touch with us the first week of June 2016 should you still not see an adequate refund amount on your PayPal account .

We’re now looking forward to getting this first round of refunds processed in full as soon as possible. Thanks again for your patience with this challenging project.   

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,

PS: We have another important announcement for our community coming up this week, so please pay attention to your emails, the blog and our social media updates. More about that soon! 

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