Sailfish X: New payment methods & installation instructions

After the successful launch of Sailfish X, we set to work based on the feedback we received from the community, determined to progress on delivering what we promised. Today, we have fantastic news for you.

New payment methods


Due to high demand, we have now expanded available payment methods on our webshop. Aside from adding PayPal to our payment solutions, E-Banking is now also an option for users located in countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. E-banking has been available in Finland since Sailfish X sales start. It allows the buyer to use their Internet-bank in order to pay.

New instructions available

You can now visit our instructions page after purchasing your copy of Sailfish X and install it on your Sony Xperia X smartphone using your preferred operating system, be it Linux, Windows or macOS.

Our instructions page has been improving constantly based on your feedback and we are not planning to stop. If you have any feedback regarding our installation instructions, please let us know by leaving a comment down below or creating a ticket on Zendesk.

Please note: If you are planning to solely use a Linux or a Mac computer in order to install Sailfish X, your phone’s bootloader has to be locked before updating to the latest version of Android. If you unlock your bootloader before having the latest version, you would need to use the Emma tool from Sony in order to update your device. Emma tool is only available on Windows platform.

On behalf of Sailfish X team,


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