Season’s greetings from the Jolla team!

As the year is closing soon we’d like to thank all of you for sharing the ride, and wish you all Happy Holidays! 

This year has once again been quite an exceptional one for Jolla. It’s been a time of reorganizing ourselves after the financial crisis we faced at the end of 2015, and a time to refine our strategy and targets. What is now clearer than ever, is that we are a software company, providing the coolest and most independent mobile OS solution for various kinds of partners and users around the world. 

However, this does not take away from our love for mobile products, and if you’re a community member or otherwise like to have Sailfish OS powering your devices, we can assure you that we’re committed to work on new Jolla community devices in the coming year. As promised earlier, we will share a separate blog post about our plans in this area soon.          

Earlier this year, our co-founder Sami Pienimäki took the captain’s seat, and he will write a more comprehensive analysis of the past year, and most importantly pave the way forward – we’ll have his first blog post out during the early weeks of January. 

As we’ve always strived to be transparent and honest, I also want to use this opportunity to touch briefly on the Jolla Tablet refund program, which some of you have been asking about. We are committed to refunding the second half of the tablet refund amount, and we will commence with that as our financial situation allows. The exact timing of this is dependent on Jolla’s future financing. We truly appreciate your continued patience with this project. 

Finally, a B-I-G thanks for this year to our C-beta group, our early access software group, our partners and customers, and all of you using Sailfish OS around the world! 

Happy Holidays everyone!   

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,

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