2016 Community Program Roundup

It has been a fruitful year for Jolla, Sailfish OS and our wonderful community. Back in May, we launched the Sailfish Community Device Program and sent our dear community fellows a number of Jolla C devices. As a part of the Program we hosted a number of informative webinars, which we started in the first International Sailfish Community Event with first three live workshops featuring Sailors from different fields in Jolla to interact with our community members about different topics on Sailfish OS.

As an end-of-the-year community blog post, we are going to release a roundup of all the webinars we hosted during 2016 with dedicated tables of content to each webinar for ease of use. We would also like to thank all of our community members who attended those sessions, contributed, asked questions and interacted with us Sailors!

Without further ado, let’s begin with the webinars:

Sailfish OS tips and tricks

This was our first webinar hosted by our program manager, Vesa-Matti Hartikainen (Vesku) and it gave an overal look to Sailfish OS and its unique features. He talked about gestures, virtual keyboard, advance gestures that would otherwise be disabled by default, events view and lock screen configurability, and many more useful tips during this webinar. Table of content with exact minute marks is available below the video.

- 04:14 Gerstures
- 09:08 Virtual keboard
- 14:16 Advanced gestures and gestures that are not enabled by default
- 19:00 Advanced uses of the buttons of your sailfish os device
- 20:30 Configurability of events view and lock screen
- 26:12 useful features of building apps and useful features of the operating system
- 34:00 Q & A

Sailfish OS Community Pootle

Our second webinar which was held exactly one day before the first one was hosted by our Hardware adaptation and L10n engineer Simonas Leleiva. As you might know, we use Pootle as our translation tool for Sailfish OS. With the help of Pootle and our community, we have been able to translate Sailfish OS to a vast amount of languages. Pootle makes it extremely easy for both the end user and the power user to help translating different strings to almost any language. It also makes it a powerful tool to add new strings from new OS updates for faster translation with the help of our community. Below you will find the video we recorded off the aforementioned webinar and below that is the table of content with minute marks.

- 01:25 Intro
- 05:10 How does translation takes place?
- 06:15 A look at the tool (Pootle)
- 07:25 Translating a new string
- 14:20 Wiki Article regarding Pootle
- 21:22 TJC Election of community languages
- 25:36 Q & A

Sailfish OS App Development – SDK Introduction

This webinar, hosted by Jolla’s Software Engineer Raine Mäkeläinen gives an introduction to the Sailfish OS application SDK and discusses different important areas in it and answers questions. The session is not a beginner course as such, so if you are interested and just beginning app development, please check our Sailfish OS developer wiki first, which has well written articles how to get setup with Application SDK.
Check out these links out for more information:

Getting started (Application development)
First application

And here you will find the video plus the table of content underneath.

- 02:37 Sailfish OS developer webpages (Where to download Application SDK)
- 04:00 Sailfish Os Application SDK user interface
- 10:10 How to build, deploy and debug application
- 21:00 Q & A

Sailfish OS CalDAV and CardDAV Synchronisation 

Hosted by our Software Engineer, Chris Adams, this was a webinar held in a diffent time than usual since Chris lives in Australia and different time zones would have made it really difficult for him to host the webinar at the usual time. It was a fantastic webinar nontheless. He explained what CalDAV and CardDAV are, what services are used for them, how much support there is on Sailfish OS, future plans and last but definitely not least he encouraged the community to contribute, ask questions and make CalDAV and CardDAV support much wider on Sailfish OS. As per usual, you will find all of that in the video below with the table of content undereath it for accurate minute marks.

- 02:00 What is CalDAV and CardDAV
- 04:20 Some popular services
- 06:04 Current level of support
- 07:55 Roadmap and future plans
- 09:48 Contribution example
- 16:22 Summary
- 16:43 Q & A

Platform SDK and how to contribute to packages in Sailfish OS core

The last webinar of the year was held in the month of November, hosted by Marko Saukko (Sage). This webinar was about different ways to contribute to Sailfish OS Core using the Platform SDK. Sage talks about the knowledge you need to start your contribution, how to contribute, how to install Platform SDK and Scratchbox2, explains a bit about Sailfish OS Architecture and much more in this rather informative webinar. If you know your way around some codes, you should check this webinar out and start contributing already! Table of content is as usual below the video:

- 02:40 Background knowledge
- 02:56 Sailfish Os architecture
- 05:40 How to contribute – Summary of steps
- 06:08 Mer project, gitlab and bugzilla
- 07:11 Browsing merproject.org (Git and bugzilla)
- 09:20 Platform SDK and Scratchbox2 installation
- 15:26 Get task, fork and clone the code
- 20:48 What is tar_git packaging?
- 23:27 Example of git commit message and the changelog generated based on that
- 31:46 How to contribute – Summary of steps
- 43:36 How to find the oldest package on your Sailfish OS system?
- 46:00 Q & A

Sailfish platform UI development:

December is a month full of work and many Sailors on vacation therefore limited resources. We could not do a usual webinar during the month of December so we had to wrap up our 2016 part of Community Device Program with a guest lecture at Aalto University presented by our Chief Engineer, Joona Petrell a few months back. The lecture opportunity was given to us by Professor of Usability and User Interfaces Marko Nieminen, so it is only fitting to give a special thanks to Professor Nieminen. Another special thank you note goes to our felow Sailor Jorma Virkkunen for recording the video while Joona hosted the lecture.
The lecture contained an introduction to Sailfish OS and Qt, mobile user interfaces, a deep look at Sailfish OS UI and a live coding session witth QML UI development followed by a discussion with the attendees.

- 02:05 Introduction: Qt and Sailfish OS
- 17:58 Basics: Mobile user interfaces
- 24:11 Process: Roles and culture
- 44:30 Sailfish OS: Deeper look at our UI
- 58:45 Live coding: Hands-on with QML UI development
- 1:19:01 Discussion

We will come back to you guys with more Sailfish OS webinars during 2017! For now, this was a wrap!

We wish you a Happy New Year!

James Noori, on behalf of the team

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