Sailfish OS Haapajoki update is now available for early access

We have great news for our early access people! You can now download the latest early access version of Sailfish OS, named Haapajoki. Haapajoki is a 25 kilometers long Finnish river, which lands in the Bay of Bothnia from the city of Raahe in western Finland, one of the 10 historic wooden towns remaining in Finland. Again some Finnish trivia for you to remember.

The update Haapajoki is made mainly to fix a number of vulnerabilities and to upgrade code libraries. It basically is designed to be a baseline for future updates, which will bring significant architectural changes, and therefore the number of features in this release are few. 

On new features, we have now added more default tones to sound settings, which you can select for your ringtones and different alerts (see screenshots below), increased zooming range in Documents app and added the ability to delete incorrect entries on browser’s search history. 

Tones_1 Tones_2 Tones_3 Tones_4

Before updating, we recomment to empty 3-4 GB of storage on your phone. To do that you can e.g. move your pictures and videos to your SD card, PC or cloud services. We also recommend you to turn the option to save pictures and videos to memory card on. This can be done in Settings -> Apps -> Camera. This feature will help you avoid emptying your device’s memory every time before an update becomes available. 

Other recommendations for this update (or any other future updates):

  • If you use Phonehook from OpenRepos, uninstall it before upgrading.
  • If you use oFono from OpenRepos, revert to the official oFono before upgrading (or else you may face problems with LTE etc.).
  • If you use Patchmanager, revert all applied patches before upgrading.

You can read the full changelog and bug fixes at here.

You can also follow our detailed instructions on how to update your Sailfish OS powered device hereWe hope you enjoy this update and kindly report any bugs found so we can iron them out before the public release of the software.

Kind Regards,
James, on behalf of Jolla team

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