Fourth generation of Sailfish OS is here!

We’ve come a long way, since Sailfish OS was first introduced in 2013. Now as we enter the 4th generation with Sailfish OS, the secure platform for trusted mobile solutions, we can proudly say that our product is in great shape and ready to expand to new frontiers!  After Sailfish 3 was launched many big developments have happened that have have impacted Jolla, Sailfish OS, our partners with us, and all the daily Sailfish users.

To name a few:

  • We have delivered over 5,000 improvements and fixes to the OS since Sailfish 3. In particular, our emphasis has been on various security features to ease corporate level deployments but which are also beneficial for all privacy-caring users
  • The EU GDPR went into effect, and we’re proud to have been 100 % compliant from day 1 (and even before that)
  • Full-scale Sailfish X ports were developed for Sony Xperia XA2 and Xperia 10 together with the great Sailfish community
  • Our unique Android App Support for Linux platforms was updated to support Android 9 apps, and the support for Android 10 apps is already nicely on the way
  • A new Sailfish Forum was created, and we’ve been happy to see many new members join the discussions in the much more lively forum – thanks for all the encouraging feedback!
  • Long-term collaboration with OMP deploying Aurora OS in Russia has delivered tons of open source contributions to the OS

On a high-level Sailfish 4 includes several security and functionality updates, the long-awaited browser update, redesigned daily usage flow of key applications, as well as a rebooted developer experience. In particular we’re proud to boast full-scale OS-level Mobile Device Management (MDM) to enable easy and manageable end-to-end trusted corporate and governmental sector deployments.

The first Sailfish 4 software release, Koli, is today made available to all Sailfish users. You’re welcome to read more details from the Koli blog post, which our software engineer David Llewellyn-Jones has crafted.

To celebrate this milestone Sailfish 4 release, we’ve also just published a major update to the Sailfish OS website to show better and more visually what this great alternative OS is all about – be sure to check out that as well!

Your Jolla captain,

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