Happy New Year 2019 all Sailfishers!

It’s time to wrap up 2018, celebrate the New Year and look forward to 2019. For Jolla and Sailfish, 2018 was a year of a major milestones and steady progress in our regional licensing strategy.

In March we got a new partner, Rostelecom PLC, to join as a strategic investor to Sailfish agenda and bring a lot of muscle and speed to Sailfish development in Russia. Thanks to this, the ecosystem in Russia grew significantly during 2018 and Open Mobile Platform LLC (our licensing customer in Russia) grew the network to over 100 ecosystem partners developing various native Sailfish apps and backend solutions, started offering Sailfish coding classes in universities and 3 new Sailfish mobile devices, to name a few of the areas of progress.

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Further, the regional agenda in Latin American markets with our partner Jalasoft progressed nicely and the first Sailfish product Accione P started the sales for corporate sector customers in September. 
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2018 was also the year of Sailfish 3, the third generation of Sailfish OS, bringing both the operating system and the machinery producing it to a whole new level and packetizing the support for multitude of corporate solutions and platforms. Sailfish 3 refreshes the user experience and improves the overall performance up to 50%, thanks to the rewritten way to launch apps and load views, and the upcoming Qt upgrade.


Sailfish 3 also extends the platform support to new chipsets from major vendors. During 2018 we productized support for MediaTek chipsets in full commercial level, and started to support it in various devices such as Inoi tablets and the Gemini PDA . Also we started several projects with our customers on other chipset platforms, which we are looking forward to productize during 2019.



Sailfish X Program

During 2018 we continued the Sailfish community program, Sailfish X offering downloadable Sailfish OS, by extending the support to the full range of Sony Xperia XA2 product variants and Gemini PDA. Also, for all those users willing to use Android apps in Sailfish, Sailfish 3 introduces a major upgrade with the support of Android 8.1 apps.


The Sailfish ecosystem grew significantly in 2018, in number of users, partners, apps, devices and platforms supported. During 2018 we were also happy to welcome many new employees to the Jolla team in Finland, and a steadily growing number of Sailfish community users enjoying Sailfish X.

These set a great starting point for another Sailfish year to come. I want to use this opportunity to thank all Sailfish partners and fans for the successful year 2018 and wish all the best of success for you all and Sailfish OS – Happy New Year 2019!




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