A new strategic investor joins the Sailfish family

Ahoy Sailfish fans and followers,

Sailfish OS has come a long way, starting with the MeeGo times, then carried by Jolla ever since 2011. The journey has had its ups and downs, as these kind of things typically have, but we never gave up. I recommend to check out e.g. this recent article about the journey. The most important thing that has kept us going together with our community and partners all the time is simply that we the ability to create and offer together an alternative mobile operating system for the world.

Next chapter in this story is about to begin as we’re getting Rostelecom, a publicly listed company and the leading telecommunications company in Russia, to officially join our wide international group of Sailfish partners.

Rostelecom will join as a strategic investor to make Sailfish development even stronger. The company brings a lot of muscle to the Sailfish projects in Russia with their extensive Go-To-Market capability, R&D and resources to invest to native Sailfish apps development. We are confident that our cooperation will bear a lot of fruit for all uses of Sailfish OS around the world. The development of Sailfish gets into a new gear, as we need to keep developing a solid and strong mobile OS core for all our partners around the world. We also need to answer to the requirements of many existing and new customers in the regions.

Sailfish OS is the only mobile operating system with a regional licensing strategy, and this combined with the open and transparent platform, makes it ideal for countries around the world to pursue their own, independent digital ecosystems. We have strong development ongoing for the Chinese and Latin American markets, and we expect to see a lot of new and exciting products rolling out with Sailfish OS during this and next year. This international business expansion will continue rigorously also with the support of Rostelecom now joining as the next strategic investor to Sailfish OS.

Your Jolla captain,

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