Greetings from Critical Communications World 2017

This week we’re participating in the exciting Critical Communications World 2017 (CCW2017) event, an event dedicated to connecting public safety and other critical communications professionals around the world. It is a natural fit and a great opportunity for the independent Sailfish OS. At the event we are showcasing the Sailfish OS on a range of devices to potential new customers, and partners interested in a secure and independent mobile OS. Sailfish OS is a great option for public safety organizations when adopting new broadband technologies, such as smartphones and other LTE terminals.

As we’re here, we also have some news updates for all you Jolla followers.  

One interesting new development is starting a cooperation with Finnish technology company Oulumo. Oulumo is the producer of a video security phone Lumo, currently based on Android, and our cooperation aims to power Lumo devices with Sailfish OS. Lumo is an always-on, easy-to-use, video alarm and care solution aimed especially at senior people. Safe living and good possibilities for communication with close people are Oulumos’s targets. 

What is Lumo?  

The ‘Lumo Video Security Phone‘ connects its users to their friends and family, in a whole new way. The Lumo features an advanced safety technology, a social connection network and a stimulating operating environment that help senior citizens live a quality life in one’s own home. Users can e.g. use pictures of their relatives on the Lumo screen to make video calls between the Lumo and a smartphone – just by touching an image. Thanks to Oulumo’s server, the device is an interactive and two-way information tool between relatives, home care, care companies and the customer.

Oulumo’s experience and knowhow in safety technology makes this project very interesting for us, as our ambition is to power different kinds of secure operating system needs with our independent and open Sailfish OS. 

Tuomo Sihvola, co-founder and director of Oulumo Ltd. explains about our cooperation: “Sailfish OS is a perfect technology platform for our video security phone Lumo, because it’s independent, and it can offer a high level of security. Our aim is also to take our products to international markets, and we believe that this partnership with Jolla and Sailfish OS will help us also fulfilling this objective. We are very excited to partner with Jolla.” 

Lumo demo at CCW2017 

Jolla is demoing the ‘Lumo Video Security Phone’ running on Sailfish OS for the first time in Critical Communications World 2017 in Hong Kong, May 16-18. At the time of this post we’ve already done the first demos and the reactions has been very positive – simplicity is definitely appealing!

cof CCW2017_Lumo3 CCW2017_Lumo2 CCW2017_Lumo Critical Communications World 2017 Lumo_device_at_CCW2017

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