Sailfish OS update Aurajoki now available for all

As a Sailfish OS user, you can now download and install the latest software update released for your Sailfish OS powered device.

The new update is called Aurajoki, which we released as an early access version a few months back.

Aurajoki is a river in the beautiful city of Turku in western Finland. As you may have noticed, we moved away from lake names to river names (‘joki’ means river in Finnish) for our new wave of updates as we wanted to add more motion to the release names.

This new update is one of our biggest releases in a long time, which has required a lot of effort from our developers – we hope you enjoy it!

Highlights of Aurajoki:

  • Gallery: Cloud backup with OneDrive and Dropbox support integrated into Gallery. You can now view your Dropbox and Onedrive albums directly in your gallery in separate folders. Sharing to the cloud can be done only one-by-one for now.
  • Settings: Simplified backup experience in the settings menu. You can now backup your local, non-synced calendar as well. Restoring backups to device will be implemented in the upcoming software release You can store your backups to cloud or to SD card. OneDrive and Dropbox services can be used for storing backups.
  • Browser: Links from other apps are now opened to new tabs
  • Camera: Flash can now be used while shooting videos, and camera launch time is improved
  • People: you are now able to delete and share multiple contacts at once
  • Messages: You can now see the remaining character count for SMS messages, and view the progress of MMS downloads
  • Other: You can now take a screenshot of your phone view by holding down volume up and down keys for 0.5 second

Jolla C and Aqua Fish only:

  • Jolla C’s LTE connectivity issue received a fix. The device now supports all of the featured LTE bands making high-speed LTE connections available in more areas.
  • The dual-SIM capabilities are now seamlessly and natively implemented into the OS. You can choose default SIM for data connections, and cellular features, or you can have cellular features in ask everytime mode and choose SIM when you are sending a message or making a call.
  • Support for Mozilla Location Service positioning assistance, which can use nearby WiFi access points and cell towers to help determine your location.

And that is just a fraction of what our sailors have been working so hard on e.g. in terms of getting everything ready for the new devices Aqua Fish and Jolla C. You can read the full release notes here and the complete changelog here. Please give those links a visit for more information.

Check out basic installation instructions, and if you have any issues try following the instructions to free up space on your device.

We certainly hope this update makes your Sailfish OS powered device, be it the Jolla phone, Jolla C, Jolla Tablet or the Intex Aqua Fish, more enjoyable and practical.

Greetings from the whole Jolla Team!

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