HTML 5 – why is it so important in the world of web development?

Over the years you have probably become used to Flash being used on the websites you view. The problem is that Flash has always been somewhat clunky and awkward to put in place. Now Google is putting another nail in the coffin of Flash by making HTML the default option when viewing a website using google Chrome. This change will apply to all but the top ten ranked websites that use Flash. Once the change is in place anyone using Google Chrome to visit a website where Flash is in place will be asked whether they want to use Flash to view the site rather than this just happening automatically.

You can see that Flash is fast losing its grip now that HTML is here and revolutionising website design. Let’s take a look at why HTML5 is so popular with developers, and what it offers that Flash does not.

What is it that HTML5 has to offer?

Since its inception, HTML5 has continued to gain popularity as a web development tool. It is used on a daily basis in the design of apps and the creation of content such as online flipbooks. You can click here for more information. The use of HTML5 is far less labour intensive for developers than using Flash.

There are also less security issues with HTML5. One of the biggest advantages that developers can gain from using HTML5 is that it’s compatible across multiple devices. This is a vast improvement on Flash as mobile device users can now view content just as easily as those using a desktop.

In fact, whereas native apps have so far been the preference for developers there is a chance that this will start to change now that HTML5 is here. It’s thought that native apps may start to be used as a gateway to web apps where the full power of HTML5 can be harnessed.

Is Flash coming to the end of its life?

It’s seems likely that Flash is starting to come close to the end of its useful life. You can clearly see that it’s being surpassed by HTML5, as perfectly highlighted by the actions that Google is taking. Flash has always had a reputation for being unreliable, both from a performance and a security point of view. Its use has already begun to diminish and it seems that this is a situation which is likely to continue.

Developers are harnessing the power of HTML5 to create content that can be enjoyed by all device users. HTML5 has given them a resource that they can use to create, stable and secure content that is more flexible. The world of development is not going to look back.

As the use of Flash continues to decrease so the importance of HTML5 should not be underestimated. It represents the way forward in the world of the web developer.

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