The best wireless speakers available

If you hate dangling wires around the home, get rid of them. Wireless speakers are no longer a thing of the future. In fact, there are dozens of top manufacturers making these systems today. If you want the best wireless speakers available, then you are going to want to add these items to the short list to consider purchasing.

UE Boom 2 –
Fully waterproof, enhanced sound, 15 hour battery life, and you can pair it with a second speaker for stereo sound. Not too shabby for such a small item, which has seen vast improvement since the first model.

JB Pulse 2 –
Another second model in the series, comes from a well known manufacturer of speakers and headphones. Compact, splash proof, bluetooth, wi-fi, 10 hour battery life (or 5 hour if you turn on the show lights) are a few of the many great features these speakers offer owners. And they are quite small and compact, so you can take them around nearly anywhere for use.

Bose Sound Touch 10 –
Sure, a bit larger than other models out there, but who doesn’t know Bose as a leader in speakers and exceptional quality? It will cost a bit more than other models, but if you want superior sound, quality, build, and control features, look no further. Bluetooth and shortcut buttons, impressive sound control and quality, sharp bass, powerful speakers, and a simple design layout, means even individuals who aren’t familiar with new and the latest technologies can quickly and easily figure this system out in no time.

When it comes to eliminating wires from the home, your speakers might be the next device to upgrade. If this is the case and you want to buy the best wireless speakers available today, these are a few of the many options which you might want to consider investing in

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