Early Access: The actual Sailfish OS 2.0 is here (And more)

How about a post after a while? I’d say yes.

Well, after a long time not being able to post due to being busy with life, it’s not bad to write about some good news that has hit the world of Jolla!


Picture courtesy of FairPhone blog

Have you heard about the FairPhone community working closely with Jolla community to bring Sailfish OS 2.0 to the Fairphone 2?
If not, have a look at this link and get a sight of what is happening around the communities!

Other than that, Jolla has been working hard on their Sailfish OS and brought the 1.9.x.x to us last month but since the promise was a 2.0 version, they have worked harder on optimising and bringing all the features to us. So now all the Early Access people can easily download their version of Sailfish OS 2.0.x.xx and enjoy the experience!

Meanwhile I have the changelog for you readers as well, copied directly from Jolla’s official blog :

Highlights of Saimaa 2.0.0 Release:

  • Android Support: Several fixes to improve the initialization of some Android apps
  • Alarm clock: Alarms are working again even if the phone has been turned off (when the battery is not empty)
  • Ambiences: The Other Half (TOH) tones are freely selectable for any ambience after installation of TOH package
  • Browser: Memory savings in cases where display is turned off while playing a video clip with the browser
  • Clock: New cover design
  • Connectivity: WLAN network scanning improved
  • Email:
    – Exchange: Improved the reliability of email updating
    – Pulley menu in “Outbox” has now options “Send” or “Send all” instead of “Update”
  • Events view:
    – You can now pick your favorite settings shortcuts to be shown in the Events view of the Jolla phone
    – Perform your favorite actions directly from the Jolla phone’s Events view, e.g. search the web, take a photo, or add a reminder
    – Facebook notifications and recent Twitter tweets are back in Events
  • Gallery: Split view is collapsed when video playback starts, i.e. playback in full screen
  • Home: New system dialog style
  • HW adaptation & kernel:
    – Graphics performance of tablet improved
    – Touch recognition on tablet made to start faster
    – CPU governor tuned up for UI fluidity and power saving
  • Localisation: Improvements to the translations of several UI texts
  • Office: Possible to make searches in PDF documents
  • Phone:
    – USSD push messages are now shown, allowing the user of prepaid SIM’s to follow the costs, for instance
    – Fixed the issue of making calls to exceptionally long phone numbers
    – Dismissing call should now work more reliably
  • Settings: Stability and usability of the new Settings app improved
  • Security:
    – Android support: a media server vulnerability (Stagefright2 CVE-2015-3842) fixed
    – Stagefright vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-1538, CVE-2015-1539, CVE-2015-3824, CVE-2015-3826, CVE-2015-3827, CVE-2015-3828, CVE-2015-3829) fixed
  • UI elements: Sizes of objects (buttons, text fields, font sizes, etc.) and alignments refined in several places
  • Video:
    – Some glitches in the playback of recorded videos eliminated
    – Gstreamer: playing AIFF format fixed, support for playing OPUS format added
    – Gstreamer: a regression in RTSP stream playback fixed; makes Y-Radio (a harbour app) work again
    – 1080p video recording implemented for tablet

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...