Preview SailfishOS update15 vrijgegeven

Jolla heeft gisteren alweer update15 uitgegeven van SailfishOS. Met deze release komt SailfishOS aan op versie 1.1.7. Het Finse meer dat deze keer voor de naam mag zorgen is Björnträsket. Als er geen blokkerende bugs worden gevonden, zal de rest van de community over ongeveer een week ook mogen genieten van deze release.

Nieuw in Björnträsket:

  • Accounts: UI option added in CardDAV account setup to allow setting the addressbook path directly during account creation
  • Android Support:
    – Application specific settings for all installed Android apps in Settings > Apps, which allow force stopping of an app, clearing the cache (temporary data) and clearing all app data. There’s also an option for letting the background services of an Android app start when turning the phone on
    – Having the option to run Android applications on background enables receiving notifications for Android messaging apps even when the app is closed. Our article about setting up WhatsApp demonstrates the usage of this feature
    – Option to start and stop all Android apps easily and to allow Android apps to access your contacts on the phone – see Settings > System > Android support
  • Email: Emails with calendar invitations are displayed with a calendar icon, and upon opening them, the calendar app will offer to import the events to user’s calendar
  • Keyboard: Possibility to choose different keyboard layouts for Bluetooth keyboards if paired with one for different languages via Settings > System > Text input > Active layout
  • OS Updates: Before downloading this update, your device will first check the filesystem for problems and fix them if necessary. For this to succeed there has to be a fair amount of empty memory space
  • Development: New gcc 4.8 based tool chain is used on SailfishOS platform from this release onwards, bringing C++11, among other things

Belangrijkste verbeteringen:

  • Android: Better WLAN connection handling for Android apps
  • Bluetooth audio: Hands-Free Profile (HFP) implementation is more robust now, and update to PulseAudio 6.0 also improved HFP and HSP profiles
  • OS updates: – Minimum of 50% charge level in the battery required or else the OS install will not start – and we recommend always connecting the charger before doing an OS update! – Downloading an OS update in the background is possible now – you may continue to install or uninstall apps while the download is ongoing

Gedetaileerde release notes en changelog zijn te vinden op TJC post. Dit zou de laatste update aan SailfishOS moeten zijn voordat versie 2.0 wordt geïntroduceerd.


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