youtube-dl (2020)

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Build of a recent version.

This version contains a small fix to make the program work with SFOS and AtomicParsley when embedding thumbnails delivered as .webp.

If you also install AtomicParsley you can see it in action by calling

youtube-dl --embed-thumbnail

or adding





NOTE: while you may use the internal update mechanism to keep current, doing so will likely remove the fix mentioned above. And because the update installs a binary version you cannot easily patch it back in.  

So if there's a good reason to update, it would be best to send me a merge request on gitlab and I'll see to add it pronto.

Application versions: 
File youtube-dl-2020.09.20-1.1nep.armv7hl.rpm1.58 MB29/09/2020 - 13:57

- version bump to current version - make thumbnail embedding work with webp thumbnails