Slovak Community translation for Jolla

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This is a community Slovak translation for the Jolla.

You can contribute to the translations here:

After installing this package you can change language to 'Slovak' in the Settings -> Languages menu

If you are updating the package it is not necessary to reboot the device, it is enough to go to Settings -> Other tools and select the  "Restart Home Screen" action.


Many thanks for all the contributors for their time and work spent on this translation!


Application versions: 
File unofficial-jolla-language-pack-sk-3.4.0-0.0.1.noarch.rpm177.88 KB04/09/2020 - 23:28
File unofficial-jolla-language-pack-sk-3.4.0-0.0.2.noarch.rpm177.96 KB15/09/2020 - 22:20

- Updated from pootle