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Havoc is a minimal but modern terminal emulator for Wayland. It supports everything you would expect from a terminal emulator on a PC, including 24bit colours and TUI features that Fingerterm and, to a lower extent, Toeterm, cannot handle. Havoc being developed for PC originally, it is meant to be used in landscape with a hardware keyboard.

You can still use Havoc with no hardware keyboard, using qCommand, any other terminal, or .desktop files to print command outputs that do not render correctly in other terminals. To issue a command in Havoc from another application, use "havoc -l COMMAND", where "-l" is to hold in case the output does not keep a process running.

# Features
- 24-bit colours
- Full support for ncurses features and other TUI
- Easy multi-touch text selection; ctrl+shift+c/ctrl+shift+v for copy/paste
- One finger scrolling; no more conflict between selecting and scrolling in terminals
- User configuration in ~/.config/havoc.cfg by default (font, font size, colours, opacity of the cover, etc.), see "havoc -h"
- Support for compose and dead keys if your hardware keyboard is set to use a xkb layout with those (additional dependency: compose-deadkeys)

# Disclaimer
I am not the developer of Havoc, I just convinced the author who was greatly understanding, and helped adapting it to SFOS peculiarities and packaged it. Upstream Havoc is being actively developed by Murray Calavera (ii8) at https://github.com/ii8/havoc/.


* Fri Jan 21 2022 Kabouik <matf[redactedforbots]disr.it> 2022-01-21
- Avoid jail in .desktop file for 4.4 compatibility, and update description for inclusion in Chum repository.

* Tue Jun 16 2020 Kabouik <matf[redactedforbots]disr.it> 2020-06-16
- Fix default scrollback value.

* Mon Jun 08 2020 Kabouik <matf[redactedforbots]disr.it> 2020-06-09
- First SFOS package based on the 2020-06-09 version.