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This package adds necessary files for compose and deadkeys in applications that support it, e.g., Havoc terminal emulator, maybe others in the future. This is only useful if you use a hardware keyboard directly on your device (SSH does not need this) and have manually set xkb to use a layout with deadkeys, i.e., one of the custom layouts for the F(x)tec Pro¹. This will not enable compose and deadkeys on vanilla SFOS xkb layouts.

As far as I understand, stock native apps do not look support compose and deadkeys, likely because they don't look for the files this package is providing, but this may change in the future and other apps could support dead keys.

This is a preliminary package that may only work for xkb layouts based on en_US.UTF-8 (and aliases); but please report in comments if you use another language with dead keys and see a change with this package.

There is an open issue at TJC to include compose and deadkeys files with xkbcommon in vanilla SFOS for all languages, upvote if you want proper compose/deadkey support:


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File compose-deadkeys-0.1-1.armv7hl.rpm52.45 KB09/06/2020 - 05:50

- First SFOS package.