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Neofetch is a command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+. Neofetch displays information about your operating system, software and hardware in an aesthetic and visually pleasing way.

The overall purpose of Neofetch is to be used in screen-shots of your system. Neofetch shows the information other people want to see. There are other tools available for proper system statistic/diagnostics.

The information by default is displayed alongside your operating system's logo. You can further configure Neofetch to instead use an image, a custom ASCII file, your wallpaper or nothing at all.

You can further configure Neofetch to display exactly what you want it to. Through the use of command-line flags and the configuration file you can change existing information outputs or add your own custom ones.

Neofetch supports almost 150 different operating systems. From Linux to Windows, all the way to more obscure operating systems like Minix, AIX and Haiku. If your favourite operating system is unsupported: Open up an issue and support will be added.

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Application versions: 
File neofetch-6.1.0-1.noarch.rpm86.75 KB08/12/2019 - 03:59

* Sun Dec 08 2019 | Version 6.1.0-1:

    Added support for KISS Linux.
    Added support for Bonsai Linux. @mitchweaver
    Added support for Radix Linux.
    os: Fix HAIKU issues


    ascii: Fixed bug causing ascii files to not work.
    postmarketOS: Replace ASCII logo. @GrantM11235
    postmarketOS: Add small ASCII logo. @GrantM11235
    Fix big Puffy ascii logo. Charlène
    ASCII: Updated Artix ASCII with new logo. @konimex
    Add ascii art for Clear Linux. @chrisweeksnz
    new logo for Ataraxia Linux. @protonesso
    ASCII: Add fedora_small. @zyg812
    Added a case for displaying the Ubuntu logo for i3buntu. @chrissxYT
    New Peppermint Logo. @Mark-Peppermint
    ascii: Fix void.
    update Red Hat with new 2019 logo. @infinitewarp
    ascii: Add back old redhat logo (--ascii_distro redhat_old).
    ASCII: Added Feren OS. @konimex
    Linux: Update ASCII for Sailfish OS. @konimex
    Linux: Fix ASCII for Sailfish OS. @Michal-Szczepaniak
    Small tweak to the colours used for the Feren OS Logo. @feren


    general: fix image sizing in VTE terminals.
    general: Fix issue with URxvt and no internal border.
    display_image: Allow Chafa backend to stretch image to desired size. @hpjansson


    term_font [kitty]: Fix bug with empty config.
    term_font: fix issue with konsole font detection. Michael Straube
    Robuster kitty font parsing. @SibrenVasse
    term_font: Fix crash when parsing Xresources.
    kitty font parsing where font name has whitespaces. @lebensterben
    term: Fix wrapper scripts in NixOS. Thanks Tdeo.


    Memory [AIX]: Detect memory based on pages (like Solaris) for more accuracy. @konimex


    CPU [Linux/ARM]: Use Hardware field directly. @konimex


    Properly work with multiple GPUs. @lebensterben
    Fix GPU parsing.


    packages: Specify Haiku's pkgman. @Crestwave
    packages: Show IRIX package manager name.
    Use guix directly to report package count instead of counting directories. @spacelike
    Packages [Guix/Nix]: Use if for detecting system and user packages. @konimex
    packages: Fix DragonFlyBSD. Thanks pornguy.
    Set nullglob for package counting. @14mRh4X0r
    packages: Check brew on Linux. @dawidd6


    WM Theme: update for Mojave. @iandrewt
    Handle ${GTK2_RC_FILES} with multiple values. @edward-p
    use "$GTK2_RC_FILES". @edward-p


    song: add strawberry player. Michael Straube
    song: Added support for plasma-browser-integration.
    song: add gogglesmm. Michael Straube
    song: add xnoise. Michael Straube


    support uptime from Android 9+. @lightful


    Retrieve public IP info via drill. @vaygr


    WM: Add support for yabai on macOS. @weslly
    WM: Add support for Rectangle on macOS. @rxhanson
    Removed subshell from ps grep for macOS wm. @rxhanson


    support other versions of ksh. @mitchweaver


    Make neofetch compatible with libedit.
    general: Added --no_config to disable config file creation.
    Made variables local in get_cols function. @asantam
    Fixed option documentation. @xPMo
    Fixed gnome shell mutter issues.
    cache_uname: improve reading from 'SystemVersion.plist' on macOS and iOS. @jkhsjdhjs
    add device information for latest ios devices. @jkhsjdhjs
    include Fusion/Bionic in iDevice processor names. @jkhsjdhjs
    give precedence to "Hardware" entry in /proc/cpuinfo. @lightful
    config: Show 15 color blocks by default.
    underline: Fix bugs with incorrect lengths.
    Moved guix check below /etc/os-release check. @Renzix
    simple mode: Hide stderr by default.
    Linux: Move /etc/os-release directly below lsb_release. @konimex
    The K Desktop Environment was renamed to Plasma. @ognarb
    Rename GuixSD to Guix System. @fjallarefur