Flemish community translation pack for Jolla

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If you are looking for a Dutch translation pack for your Sailfish OS device, these are not the packages you're looking for. Dutch is an officially supported language and is included in Sailfish OS by default. Go to Settings | Language | Nederlands to change your system language to Dutch.


This Flemish community translation is based on the Dutch translation, but is adapted to make use of common Flemish (or Belgian, or Southern Dutch, or whichever name you prefer) grammar and vocabulary. It leverages the otherwise unused Dutch (Belgium), aka nl_BE, locale, until a better solution presents itself. After installing the package, you can enable it in Settings | Language | Vlaams.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome. Currently the translation sticks relatively closely to Dutch orthography where possible, as it is very hard to read, let alone get used to, non-standardised spelling - this may change in the future. The translation does use 'new' letters for 3-4 phonemes that are no longer or were never present in Dutch.


Thank you to martonmiklos for providing the scripts required to build these packages.