Top 3 mobile phones

When purchasing a new mobile phone, there are hundreds of models to choose from and, there are dozens of “excellent” or top-rated brands to consider. Therefore, it can be difficult to know what you are getting. Buying the phone upfront, on contract or buying a smartphone on finance are all options that need to be considered too. If you are ready to invest in a new smartphone consider these three models.

Galaxy S9 Plus. This phone by Samsung is sleek, elegant, has a vibrant screen, resolution and excellent fingerprint scanner. The curved edges give it a distinct look and style. It is the Plus model, so has a huge touchscreen which is extremely intuitive. Quality speakers, outdoor body/casing and internal functionality make it a top-choice for a new smartphone.

iPhone X. There’s no list of top phones without the iPhone in it. This model is large, it has excellent camera, the touchscreen is intuitive and responsive, speaker-quality trumps previous iPhone models and a large screen size offers excellent quality/pixel resolution. The iOS is intuitive, speedy and wi fi capabilities allow you to do more with Siri helping you.

Google Pixel 2XL is a third phone to consider. It is very large, the screen is brilliant, has a great design, an exceptional camera and speedy processing. It is lightweight, has the latest Android processor which means it doesn’t lag like other versions. Although it doesn’t have a 3.5 mm port, the other features make up for this defect. The very large screen size allows for video chat, gaming or seamless browsing even in darker areas.

When choosing a new phone, of course, brand name and quality are two features you will consider. No matter what design you like or what features you are looking for these phones offer them. Of course, the operating system and internal capabilities as well as brand-loyalty might cause certain consumers to choose one model over the others.

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