Sailfish OS Fiskarsinjoki available now

Update 2016/11/14: Fiskarsinjoki software update is now available for Intex Aqua Fish devices.

Update 2016/10/26: Fiskarsinjoki software update is now available to all Sailfish OS users. Feature addition: Fingerprint Sensor!

It’s our great pleasure to announce that we are now starting to speed up deliveries of Sailfish OS updates.

This post, as mentioned in the title, is about our software update Fiskarsinjoki. Fiskarsinjoki is a small Finnish river in the village of Fiskars. It passes through a park-like cultural landscape and lands in the Gulf of Finland – just some trivia for you to learn!

Quite a few new features and a lot of bug fixes has been added to this version of the OS. Highlights are:

  • Saving pictures/videos directly into an SD card. This feature gives you an option to save your pictures and videos directly into an SD card (if inserted) in order to keep the device storage light. In order to access the feature you will need to open your settings app -> Apps -> Camera -> Storage and from there you can select your preferred storage.
SD functionality

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  • Conference calls: This feature will give you an option to have conference calls on your Sailfish OS powered device using the Pulley Menu while on a call and selecting “Add a call” option.
Conference call

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  • Scientific calculator: This feature allows you to access a scientific oriented calculator while having the calculator app open in landscape mode. It will give you options such as brackets, trigonometric, exponential operations and more.


  • More edit options in gallery app: You can now edit the brightness and contrast of your photos by using the pulley menu and selecting edit, then selecting Light and Contrast and tapping once on the image afterwards.

Editing images

  • Launch synchronisation from the calendar app: This feature allows you to directly and manually synchronise your calender using the pulley menu on your calendar app.

Calendar sync

  • Share files directly from file manager: This nifty feature allows you to share your files directly via Bluetooth, MMS, Twitter or any other account you have from system file manager, which is accessible from settings -> storage -> File manager (use pulley menu)
File manager share

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  • Fingerprint Sensor: you can now use a fingerprint sensor/scanner for unlocking a device. This feature works on devices that have hardware support for this feature. Turing Phone users will be able use it on their devices starting today. See this video of how it works. If you want the device to lock itself immediately when pressing the power key or closing from the pulley menu, choose ‘no delay’ for the automatic locking.

In addition to the new features we’ve done a lot of bug fixes aiming to make Sailfish OS a better operating system for you to enjoy.

Full list of new features and bug fixes are now available here.

Check out basic installation instructions, and if you have any issues try following the instructions to free up space on your device.

Jolla Team

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