Closing Jolla Tablet refund round 1: final call for problem cases

If you have not received your Jolla Tablet refund from the first round, please continue reading. Others can disregard this message.

As we stated previously we have been busy investigating the remaining failing and unclaimed PayPal payments. We are as good as done but there currently are still 33 people who have been unresponsive to our attempts to contact them, as follows:

  • 16 unclaimed payments – these are payments that were made via PayPal’s Mass Payment service and have not yet been claimed by the recipient.
  • 17 failed payments – these are payments also made via PayPal’s Mass Payment service, which consistently meet payment issues, e.g, payment rejected, account closed, etc.

Regarding the unclaimed payments group, we have remitted payments several times, all unsuccessfully. The most recent payment attempt will expire for the last time on 1.October.2016.

If you are among those with unclaimed payments or failed payments, please

1) check the email address provided to Jolla during the refund survey time window (16.Mar-16.April.2016).
2) follow the steps in here to see if this fixes things, and if not
3) contact us at the latest by date 15.October.2016 so we can still take appropriate action.

Or, if you know someone with unclaimed or failing payments, kindly urge them to take the steps outlined above. After 15.October.2016 we will consider round 1 of Tablet refunding to be closed, and no further 1st round refunds will be executed (other than payments already in the pipeline).

Once again please submit a request by 15.October.2016 to follow up on your refund case after which we will not longer be honoring 1st round refund payments.

On behalf of the whole Jolla Team,

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