Jolla C Shipping Update

Today we are coming to you with some superb news regarding Jolla C shipments!

Many of our valued community members might have already noticed an email regarding the shipment of their Jolla C device on their inboxes.
We have successfully started shipping the Jolla C devices and over half of the total orders have already been dispatched to their owners. We will continue working hard on to get more devices on their way soon.

We would like to thank you all for joining the Sailfish Community Device Program!

What do we expect from the community:

As communicated before, there is more to this program than the Jolla C device. If you are a developer, or even interested in designing and making applications for Sailfish OS, this program is designed for you. We would like you to use this program to the max and develop as many of your ideas as possible into applications for Sailfish OS.

We have workshops planned which will be streamed live for the program members.
We would like all of the program participants to take part in our workshops and give feedback/ideas for the future of this program!

Quick update on plans for our next Sailfish OS sessions:

We already have had 3 workshops at the International Sailfish Community Event about Sailfish Design, Sailfish User Interface and hardware adaptation which you can watch in our previous post.

The next online sessions will be held in mid-August.

Our working title for the first session is ‘Sailfish OS tips and tricks’. We will also have a session about the Community Pootle to all interested in contributing in our language versions.
Program members will be invited to these sessions in the beginnig of August (So keep an eye on your inbox please!)

Happy hacking!


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