Jolla Tablet: refund round 1 closing

Dear Jolla Tablet contributors, and other Jolla followers,

As our promised round 1 refund schedule – end of May 2016 – has now passed, it is time to update the situation. This post is  intended for backers who have not yet received the round 1 refund in full.   

From late April and throughout May 2016 our team attempted to refund ALL backers who provided us refund info within the allotted timeframe (16.Mar-16.April.2016). The vast majority of the refunds were done successfully, and yet some of the refund attempts failed. 

All failed attempts are currently under investigation, and our aim is redo the failed refund attempts as soon as possible. We can’t give a solid timeline for this, but we anticipate that the investigation and redo of failed refund attempts will take a few weeks.

For those of you who did not receive the refund, or received only a part of it, please refer to the check-list at the end of this post.

There are many factors that might lead to a failed refund attempt (and not necessarily something Jolla can influence), therefore, we kindly ask you to help us in solving all these cases, as needed. Thanks in advance for your help!

We again apologize for the hassle and inconvenience this may cause to some of you.

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,

If you think you did not receive the refund as you should have, please refer to the following:

1) Double check that your refund has not actually arrived.

We have used/are using two different methods to refund. And for this reason it is important to first check the Activity section in the PayPal UI. 

We have been executing refunds between April 25 and May 31, so, look for transactions from us on this timeline.  

For pledges where you originally paid with your PayPal account we will refund against the existing/original PayPal transaction. You can look up that original transaction and view its details. 

If we have successfully refunded the amount, you should see a status “Partially Refunded”, and under “Related Transactions” see the refund we recently executed.

2) “I checked again, and there is nothing there from Jolla, or only part of it is there, now what?”

PayPal accounts are usually linked to credit cards or bank accounts (depending on the jurisdiction), PayPal calls these “funding instruments”.

If your account is linked to a credit card/bank account that you no longer have access to (it expired/got lost/is otherwise invalid), please unlink it and make sure to have a valid funding instrument linked to your PayPal account. Furthermore, kindly ensure that the email address associated with your PayPal account – with which you supplied us – is correct and active.

3) What do I do about “Unclaimed payments”?

For pledges originally paid with a credit card, we have executed a so-called Mass Payment. In this case, PayPal will send an email notification stating “Jolla Asia Limited sent you $XX.00 USD”. In most cases, one will also have a transaction with this payment amount in the Activity view, and all is well. However, in other cases, one might have received the notification but not the money (this can happen, e.g., if the PayPal account is in a different currency and is set up to not automatically convert payments in a different currency). For such cases, one needs to manually claim the payment.

To do this, please refer to the instructions in the notification email under the section entitled “Don’t see the money in your account?”.  

We are aware that for some cases these instructions do not seem to apply.  Should this be the case for you, you can either wait for us to help resolve it, or you can contact PayPal on how to claim the payment. Please note that if you do not claim the money within 30 days, it will be returned to us and we’ll have to send you a payment again.

4) What is going to happen in the coming days?

In the coming days we are going to retry the failed refund payments. Backers for whom these “re-refunds” still fail will be contacted in due course and we’ll update the blog about the refund status. 

If after this you still have not received the round 1 refund amount for which you applied, you may contact Jolla Service & Support. Please do not contact Jolla Service & Support before that time to enquire about your refund, as answering individual requests takes away from time we would otherwise spend on resolving the systemic refund issues.

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