Jolla Tablet: frequently asked questions (and answers)

After publishing our most recent blog entries, we’ve received lots of comments and feedback regarding the Jolla Tablet shipping and invitations schedule, accessories, and technical details. As the Jolla Tablets are landing in the hands of some of our contributorswe will summarize in this blog post the most discussed items, and provide more details about them. Thank you for the activity and keep the questions coming!

Jolla Tablet schedule

This has undoubtedly been the topic raising most questions. Many have been asking when will the invitation to complete the order in the Jolla Shop arrive, and when will my tablet ship. Read the latest update from our Captain Antti Saarnio’s blog post.

In Antti’s blog comments the most asked topic has been the sizes of the shipment batches, or ‘waves’ as we call them in the schedule picture. While we have a production plan target, we don’t want to commit to specific figures as we’ve seen how just a handful of issues can negatively affect assembly schedules and yield. We also don’t want to over-promise, but rather do our best to ship as much as possible within wave 2 and then the rest in the final wave. That said, unfortunately, it seems that the lion’s share of deliveries are aimed for shipment start in December.

Process-wise we are sending the invites to complete the orders based on the Indiegogo contributions to backers in groups according to chronological order. The actual order for receiving the devices depends then of course on your activity too, i.e. how quickly you finalize the order in the shop. The devices do not ship before the order confirmation is done in our shop.

Read more about the process in the previous operations blog post


Our eco-conscious community members have spoken, and we’ve heard them. Our decision to leave the charger out of the Jolla Tablet sales box was influenced in part by the feedback from the community, and in part by our design logic where we try to keep things simple and not ship anything within the sales box that will not add value or be used by the Jolla Tablet owners. At the same time we recognize that some of Jolla Tablet owners might not have a charger and we have made it available for purchase at the Pre-order Online Shop when you complete the order for your Indiegogo contribution. Please look for the Accessories product category after logging in to the shop.

As commented in the previous blog post we are providing you with a selection of must-have Jolla Tablet accessories from our trusted partner Insmat, and in this case it is the Dual-USB 3.1 A Travel Charger with EU-plug. This charger meets our recommendation having 2A output, which will provide you the fastest possible charging. Still, all chargers – even 500 mA output – will work too, but the charging time is then longer. You can charge the device with a computer as well, but if the battery has discharged completely, the power output from the PC may not be strong enough to wake up the battery. Thus we recommend using chargers with minimum 2A output.

Be sure to look for this accessory when finalizing your Jolla Tablet contribution and order!

Bluetooth 3.0

There has been questions also regarding the change from previously communicated Bluetooth 4.0 version to 3.0 version. We can confirm that Bluetooth 3.0 is the correct version for Jolla Tablet. This change was needed mainly due to the Bluetooth 4.0 product naming definition, which states that Bluetooth 4.0 is for products that have a BT stack fully supporting BT Low Energy (LE). Currently there are no plans to provide LE support for Jolla Tablet. 

Why not USB Type-C cable?

The main reason for not having the USB Type-C cable is that this option was not available or mature enough when we made the needed Jolla Tablet hardware decisions. In addition, the availability of USB Type-C cables was limited at that time. 

3-finger-volume control

There was a question as well on how to utilize the volume control buttons when the Jolla Tablet is placed in the LastuCase and being charged at the same time (volume buttons facing down). We have a nice solution for this! Just place three of your fingers on the display, and slide down/up to control the volume. Or, you can simply move one finger up/down in this case. Remember also that you can always use the double tap to wake up the device when the display is off, so you don’t need to use the power button here. 


Inserting micro-SD card into the Jolla Tablet

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you how to insert the micro-SD card correctly into the slot.

1. Turn off the device
2. Insert the memory card with metal connectors facing upwards. Push inside until you hear a click sound.
3. Turn on the device
4. See that files show up in their locations. This can take a while if there are many files on the memory card.


Please see more information from the Jolla Tablet User Guide.

Accessory proposals from the sales box & accessory blog post 

Some of the accessory proposals that we are now going to review internally and with our partners:

  • Jolla branded capacitive stylus 
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, and bundled already in the sales box
  • Bluetooth keyboard (different options already proposed) 
  • Tempered glass screen protector 

Please keep proposing new ideas, and remember to have a look at the Insmat screen protector & other accessories when finalizing your Jolla Tablet contribution and order.

On behalf of the whole Jolla team,


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