Sailfish update Uitukka duurt nog paar weken

De volgende update, Uitukka genaamd, voor Sailfish OS wordt verwacht in september. De vraag is natuurlijk wanneer. Vandaag is bekend gemaakt dat de update nog een paar weken op zich kan laten wachten. Daarmee komt de release dus ergens eind september.

Now that the Finnish summer heat has cooled down, we’ve been working very hard to finalize and polish our next Sailfish OS software update. We have great new stuff to deliver to you, and we’re almost there. However, we believe we need a few more weeks to ensure good quality especially since this is a major update including Qt 5.2.

Rest assured, we are committed to bring this release out during this month.


Zoals de uitleg al aangeeft zit een belangrijk deel van het werk in het toevoegen overgaan op Qt 5.2. De eerder via de mailinglist gecommuniceerde lijst met verbeteringen blijft vooralsnog van kracht:

We are back from a refreshing summer break and have some good things lined up. First and foremost, we are now quite positive about upgrading to Qt5.2 with the next OS update.

Major changes:

  • We have made changes to the forward and backward indicator glow on the PageStack silica component, primarily to communicate to the user when there is more content to the left/right of the screen.
  • Accounts framework has undergone a fair amount of unification, making the account setup process more user friendly.
  • App dialogs have been redesigned for easier access of cancel and accept actions and to clearly separate dialogs visually from normal app pages. The old design was seen confusing by the new users. This moves the accept and cancel buttons from the page area to a persistent header above the page, which may cause some visual regression in 3rd party applications that assume the dialog page fills the whole display. No changes are needed for most of the dialogs as we have tried to be backwards compatible as much as it was possible with the new design. But, some breakages are to be expected.

In addition, we hope to release the following features

As usual, this comes with a friendly disclaimer that it is an intent of the release content and not a promise.


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