Sailfish nu echt compatibel met Android

Jolla heeft zojuist een ‘press release’ gedaan waarin het aankondigt dat Jolla’s Sailfish nu echt compatibel is met Android. De compatibiliteit beperkt zich echter niet alleen tot software. Ja, populaire Android apps draaien direct op Sailfish, maar ook qua hardware zijn er stappen gemaakt. Sailfish is geschikt voor standaard Android hardware. Dat maakt het voor hardware-bouwers extra interessant om Sailfish aan te gaan bieden.

De complete press release “Sailfish OS achieves compatibility with Android ecosystem”:


Sailfish OS achieves compatibility with Android ecosystem
HELSINKI – September 16, 2013. Sailfish OS has achieved a major milestone whereby the OS is now compatible with the AndroidTM ecosystem, in terms of application and hardware compatibility.

Android applications run directly on Sailfish OS without any modifications
Users enjoying the unique gesture-based and modern Sailfish OS user experience will be able to take full advantage of the Android application ecosystem available through various app stores globally. Jolla will co-operate with leading global app stores to ensure users can seamlessly download Android apps just as they would do on any Android device.

“For example, highly popular apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Spotify run directly on Sailfish OS. Also Chinese WeChat – already with over 400 million users – runs on Sailfish OS,” says Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki. Sailfish OS runs on common Android hardware
Jolla has made a major breakthrough in Android hardware compatibility by developing Sailfish OS to run on common hardware produced for Android, particularly smartphones and tablets. Vendors interested to utilize Sailfish OS are now able to develop phones and tablets based on many different chipset and hardware configurations. This new level of compatibility will enable device vendors who use Sailfish OS to fully utilize the
existing Android hardware ecosystem.

Jolla believes that this breakthrough offers growth opportunities of significant scale for Sailfish OS globally, especially in China. “We believe Sailfish with Android compatibility is a highly relevant mobile operating system option for major mobile companies in Europe and in Asia. We are already in discussions with several major Asian vendors regarding this opportunity,” says Tomi Pienimäki.

Next production batch will be opened for pre-orders this week
The last weeks have been very dynamic in the mobile industry and after the Microsoft-Nokia announcement the strategic position of Jolla and Sailfish OS has strengthened significantly.

“Due to extremely positive feedback and increased demand in the past weeks, we are offering another pre-order opportunity for our second production batch later this week through This will be targeted to Finnish customers who want to express their passion for the Finnish mobile industry,” Pienimäki concludes.

About Jolla
Jolla Ltd., headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, is developing mobile devices and open Sailfish OS based on the heritage of MeeGo project. In addition to its R&D sites in Helsinki and Tampere, Jolla has offices in Hong Kong.

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  1. Claude Bucher schreef:

    silly question…
    why would an Android manufacturer choose to put Sailfish OS on his devices?
    to sell Android devices a manufacturer has to pay m$ somewhere between 8 and 15 US$ (per device)
    what is the cost going to be for a Sailfish OS license?
    will the gain in performances be enough to motivate customers to go for it?
    as already discussed widely, the specs of the Jolla Device are more then enough for Sailfish OS but in comparison with top Android devices (number of cores (4), memory (2, 3 or even 4GB) – that’s what consumers are looking at, no?
    the perspective for (more) privacy, with the loss of the integration with all the Google services?

    i myself have two Jolla t-shirts & will get (at least) one Jolla device no matter what like many hackers / geeks & all that have been following the scene.
    but… the casual “consumer” that just wants a mobile phone / phablet?
    it might have worked if NOKIA had been able to continue selling Symbian devices, thus without the sabotage by Flop, where Symbian customers would have looked at a new NOKIA device (N9, N960 or whatever) with MeeGo / Maemo instead of Symbian certainly after the last upgrade to Symbian³
    but now? unknown company, unknown OS?
    is grass roots promotion going to be enough?

    • Jarno schreef:

      I wouldn’t know. I don’t expect large parties like Samsung or HTC to pick up Sailfish. But perhaps some smaller Chinese company feels like jumping aboard. And then it’s good to know that the device that is capable of running Android is also suitable for Sailfish.

      As for why one would choose for Sailfish. Pretty sure that’s just a small group. But I don’t believe Jolla needs millions of devices to be sold. Just let them be exclusive and make people want the device. I still want one 🙂

  1. 1 december 2014

    […] vrijgaf op haar site, is dit nu weer gebeurt. Naast de ‘hardware-specs’ en bevestigde Android-app-compatibiliteit zijn er nu ook de volgende specificaties […]

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