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Otaku-ball (forked from https://github.com/chiud3UCI/OtakuBall)

This fork is aimed at mobile devices and adds several tweaks such as:

- Avoid scissor functions which causes the game to crash
- disabled all shaders
- Resolution and screen format tweaked to fit on mobile devices
- Touch functions added

* Beware that this is a work in progress, it is playable but it is not perfect. Contributions are welcome, if you want to help improve this port please clone and push your contributions or post your issues on https://codeberg.org/glitchapp/otaku-ball

Otaku-Ball is a two-man project with Superjustinbros being the designer/artist and me doing all the coding. We have worked on this game on-and-off for about 3 years and just recently, we have sucessfully implemented all 135 powerups in this game. Therefore, I thought this would be a great time to finally release the game to the public.

This game was inspired by pretty much every Arkanoid game that ever existed. We have borrowed a lot of powerup and brick ideas from games such as: Ricochet Infinity, Alphabounce, Aquanoid... ect.

Initially, Otakuball started out as a C++/SDL game, but I made the decision to port this game to LÖVE halfway into development. And so far it has made my life MUCH easier.

This game features an in-game Level Editor that allows you place bricks on the board from a selection of ~40 brick types. The editor also has a Powerup Weights Editor that allows you to modify the drop chances for each of the 135 powerups as well as the overall drop rate.

-135 Powerups
-About 40 brick types
-4 types of patches that can be placed over bricks
-Menacer Balls: Enemy balls that hinder you in some way
-40 default levels
-Level Editor
-Powerup Weights Editor
-Playlists that allows for you to play levels in sequence

There's still a bunch of sound files missing and placeholder sprites to be replaced. Also in the future we're going to add a level progression system with boss battles. If you encounter any bugs, please let us know and we'll fix it eventually.

Libraries used:

v0.2 adds:

- Automatic orientation




Application versions: 
File otaku-0.2-1.noarch.rpm15.63 MB06/05/2024 - 15:49

v0.2 adds:

- Automatic orientation