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python3-python-dateutil - A Python Datetime Library

The python dateutil module provides powerful extensions to the standard datetime module.
* Computing of relative deltas (next month, next year, next monday,
last week of month, etc.)
* Computing of relative deltas between two given dates and/or
datetime objects
* Computing of dates based on very flexible recurrence rules, using
a superset of the iCalendar specification. Parsing of RFC strings is supported as well.
* Generic parsing of dates in almost any string format.
* Timezone (tzinfo) implementations for tzfile(5) format files
(/etc/localtime, /usr/share/zoneinfo, etc.), TZ environment string (in all known formats), iCalendar format files, given ranges (with help from relative deltas), local machine timezone, fixed offset timezone, UTC timezone, and Windows registry-based time zones.
* Internal up-to-date world timezone information based on Olson's
* Computing of Easter Sunday dates for any given year, using Western,
Orthodox or Julian algorithms.

compiled for Python3.8 noarch

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a1a4fa55b07c6d585f72ae9573ec1dbec6ddf3879a5114b70fa2e56238a82d92 python3-python-dateutil-2.8.2-0.noarch.rpm


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