SailfishOS:Chum:Testing repo config RPM

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Local SailfishOS:Chum:Testing community repository configuration by an RPM package


  • sailfishos-chum-repo-config-testing is a helper RPM, which solely provides an appropriate local repository configuration for utilising the regular SailfishOS:Chum:Testing community repository with command line tools as pkcon or zypper.
  • sailfishos-chum-repo-config provides the same for utilising the SailfishOS:Chum repository.

Note that the SailfishOS:Chum GUI application also provides either local repository configuration (at your choice), while also providing a graphical app, which can be used in addition to pkcon or zypper.
Hence you might rather install that instead of one of these packages.

Please file issues with either of these two repository configuration RPMs at GitHub.

References: Source code and OBS build entry



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File sailfishos-chum-repo-config-testing-0.6.3-1.noarch.rpm8.25 KB15/09/2023 - 06:13