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A simple and elegant IRC client for Sailfish OS, based on Qt and the Communi IRC framework.

If you want report a bug or create a feature request please create report here:

Communi also can be installed from Harbour and Chum-Testing.



  • J-P Nurmi - jpnurmi
  • Timur Kristóf - Venemo
  • Robin Burchell - w00t
  • Björn Bidar - Thaodan


  • Stephan Beyerle - Morpog
  • Stanisław Dac - stsdc




Application versions: 
File harbour-communi-0.11-3.1.armv7hl.rpm388.21 KB19/07/2022 - 13:36
File harbour-communi-0.11-3.1.aarch64.rpm418.61 KB19/07/2022 - 13:36
File harbour-communi-0.11-3.1.i486.rpm470.04 KB19/07/2022 - 13:36


What's Changed

  • [data] Disable install for SVG launcher icon. Resolves #194
  • [docs] Update harbour descriptions
  • [docs] Import harbour descriptions from harbour
  • [translations] Update source translations. #126
  • [backend] Update libcommuni to 3.7. Resolves #193
  • [qml] Set notification timestamp from relating message. Resolves #191
  • [app] Pass timestamp from IrcMessage to notifications. #191
  • [qml] Remove "IRC:" prefix from notifications. Resolves #190
  • [app] Align DBus with application- and organizationname. Resolves #169
  • [qml] Defined appname and icon for notification. Fixes #180
  • [app] Fix contributors list being empty. #168
  • [data] Don't check if target path exists when installing icons. #188
  • [docs] Document chum nightly release process. #184
  • [packaging] Add scripts to tag nightly and push to chum:testing. #184
  • [packaging] Add pkgconfig(mlite5). Fixes #181
  • [app] Workaround QStandardPaths no longer working if org is set. #168
  • [app] Use AppConfigLocation for settings path. Contributes to #168
  • [data] Add Sailjail profile desktop file. #167 #168
  • [app] Set OrganizationDomain from Desktop file and pass to app. #168
  • [app] Move migrateConfig to SettingsProxy and refactor
  • [qml] Remove last remant of IRC. Contributes to #158
  • [Github] Add template for feature requests
  • [Github] Add template for bug reports
  • [data] Generate app icons add build time. Resolves #156
  • [QMakeFiles] Add copy of sailfishapp.prf that doesn't install data
  • [doc] Replace Freenode with Libera
  • [qml] Replace mentions of Freenode for Libera
  • [translations] Add base translation file, update others. Resolves #164
  • [app] Escape lines from CONTRIBUTORS file in aboutdata. Fixes #161
  • [all] Renamed from IRC to communi. Fixes #158
  • [qml] Define default action. Fixes #154
  • [qml] Bump Communi imports to 3.5
  • [backend] Update to 3.6
  • [app] Read Contributors from CONTRIBUTORS file
  • [qml] Use Label for application name in AboutPage and center
  • [app] Set QCoreApplication metadata from AboutData
  • [qml] Add application icon to AboutPage
  • [qml] Use AboutData for description in AboutDialog
  • [qml] Use AboutData to query displayName
  • [qml] Convert AboutDialog to AboutPage
  • [app] Add AbouData class to query metadata from
  • [packaging] Cleanup spec file
  • [translations] Update source translations
  • [app] Replace QCoreApplication::translate() where there is no l18n
  • [translations] Build and install translations
  • [app] Load translation if found
  • [translations] Add some translation source files
  • [qml] Use qsTr() on some additional strings
  • [qml] Remove last remant of Quassel support
  • [qml] No longer use deprecated Silica function
  • [qml] Allow landscape orientation in the setttings page

Full Changelog: v0.10...v0.11