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These are the original OpenSSL RPM packages by Jolla from SailfishOS for Aarch64, ARMv7hl and i486.
Note that only the SailfishOS 4.2.0 releases contain these packages.

They allow you to install OpenSSL 1.1.1k together with OpenSSL 1.0.2o on basically any SailfishOS release, no matter how old.
Specifically these RPMs are the last release by Jolla, which provide both and as well as both and in a single set of RPMs, hence they satisfy the dependencies of both older and newer apps linked against libcrypto or libssl.

Note that the "devel" RPMs are only provided for the sake of completeness; one only needs to install the openssl package, which will automatically pull openssl-libs in, when this repository was added (e.g., in Storeman, Warehouse or per ssu ar) and 


Application versions: