Sailfish Contacts Rescue

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After upgrading from SFOS 3.2 to 4.1 I missed to backup my contacts so I had to find a way to restore them form the SQLite DB to use them again.

Problematic is, that the schema had changed. So I diceded to create a script converting DB entries to vCards.

Documentation and Project wiki could be found here-, Sailfish Contacts Restore Wiki.

Script could by found here: Download Python Script in latest version


$ ./ -h
usage: [-h] --db DB --output OUTPUT [--debug] [--version]

Restore SailfishOS 3 Contacts

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --db DB, -d DB        Sqlite3 Database file usually /home/{nemo,defaultuser}/.local/share/system/Contacts/qtcontacts-sqlite/contacts.db
  --output OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
                        Output directory for vcf files
  --debug               debugging output to identify problems
  --version             show program's version number and exit

This script was written to restore SailfishOS 3 contacts as VCF files. To see additional information, visit:


$ ./ -d Testdata/contacts_with-Phone-Mobile-Fax-Pager-Assistent-Addresses.db -o Testdata/Output/
exporting SiSo Emulator to file Testdata/Output//SiSo_Emulator.vcf
exporting TestUserFirstName TestUserLastName to file Testdata/Output//TestUserFirstName_TestUserLastName.vcf
exporting 2nd Test *FN* User *LN* to file Testdata/Output//2nd_Test_*FN*_User_*LN*.vcf
exporting Phone Test to file Testdata/Output//Phone_Test.vcf
exporting Ludowig Adressuser to file Testdata/Output//Ludowig_Adressuser.vcf