Tooter β – aarch64

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Just a compiled package for aarch64 of source code of Tooter β (and its source code).

This package will be removed when the authors of the app release an official aarch64 package.


Original description:


Tooter β (beta release) can be installed in parallel with the original Tooter app. Get the original Tooter release from here or the official Jolla store. 

This release includes updates which might end up in Tooter by dysko. It can be installed by users who want to test my latest changes or prefer to use the app with a second Mastodon instance (since Tooter doesn't support multiple accounts).

Source code (please read molan-git/harbour-tooter

Known issues:

  • Missing icons on outdated Sailfish OS releases. Use this release instead.
  • Missing media in conversation threads
  • others: issue tracker

Contributions are very welcome. Please report issues using the Github repository. 

Let's keep Tooter alive!

If you'd like to donate, please use one of the option below. Thanks a lot for your support! :-) 

Application versions: 
File harbour-tooterb-1.0.7-0.aarch64.rpm121.3 KB28/05/2021 - 12:12

- Fix missing / wrong reblog and favourite counts in Retoots (issue #90)
- Added full landscape support
- Added new Pulley Menu options
- Improved Toot context menu
- Improved media page
- Improved loading indicators
- Small changes for some UI-elements
- New Emojis
- New translated strings