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compiled for aarch64, here is the original description:



The development of all my apps (except for BeRail) will be resumed after Q4 2019 due my master thesis. You can still report bugs, ask for new features, ... in the mean time! The last update until then will be V4.8-0.

Sailfinder is an unofficial Tinder client for Sailish OS.


  • Like, dislike, superlike people
  • View their profile, pictures, bio, schools, jobs, ...
  • Upload & remove pictures
  • Notifications
  • View your matches, send them messages and unmatch them
  • GIF support
  • Edit your profile: change your search criteria, discoverable, ...
  • Phone and Facebook login support, in collaboration with Daneos.
  • Modern Sailfish Silica UI and a blazing fast C++ backend


    Help! I can't login:

    1. Check your username and password.
    2. Check if your account hasn't been flagged by Facebook for unauthorized access. This can be done by logging into Facebok using your browser and answer some security questions to make sure you are the one that logged in.
    3. If you use an older Sailfish OS version then you should do an update first before using Sailfinder.


    Sailfinder and it's contributors aren't related to Tinder in any way and they can't be hold responsible for anything. You agree automatically with this disclaimer by using the application, contribute to it, ...


    See Github

    The beta version of Sailfinder is available on Openrepos, as soon as it's stable the release version will be available on Openrepos and the Jolla Store.


    See Github


    Transifex project

    In case a language is missing, you can request it. Feel free to translate Sailfinder in your language, the translations are updated with every release.

    Bugs, requests and other stuff:

    Application versions: 
    File harbour-sailfinder-4.8-0.aarch64.rpm328.48 KB19/05/2021 - 08:35

    - [NEW] Phone login support, thanks to Daneos!