libcontentaction-qt5 With url distinction

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This lib replaces system lib. Should work on 3.4 and 4.0 since it hasn't been updated for 7 months. It's still like first build, if there will be any issues (doubt) i will fix them but it's really robust. 

What it does:

For some time there has been issue with handling URLs in sfos. We wanted twitter URL to open in Twitter app and YouTube URL to open in YouTube app. This lib does exactly that. By default, when you install it you won't feel the difference as I made sure to make it fall back when there's no configuration. It will take some time for devs to include configuration for it but when they do, when you click URL pop up that opens to choose app either won't show and just launch app that handles link you clicked, or it will make u choose between apps that can handle that link, or if link doesn't have apps that handle it, it will fall back to old way. 

For devs, in order to use it, you just need to include in your .desktop file mimetype like this:
for example:
x-url-handler/ - if someone clicks… or it will open your app or show pop up to choose between your and other apps that handle it. 

It's totally painless to include it because if people don't install this lib, they won't feel any difference, it won't break anything it just won't be used. But if people have this lib, it will make use of it.




Fixed defaultActionForScheme that was previously not adjusted to url mimetypes. Fixes single app calls