Download Video (URL Helper)

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This little thing will:

  • create a System Settings page to enable/disable
  • when enabled, cause apps trying to open a link to offer a "Download Video" option
  • use youtube-dl to download the video to `~/Videos/youtube-dl`
  • once finished, will open the video with the default app for that media type
  • it will only only work on URLs supported by youtube-dl, not just any ole website url

NOTE: this will call youtube-dl with the -exec xdg-open file parameter. There may be a security risk involved, if a Bad Person crafts the URL in a way that the resulting file can do Bad Things on your system. Download responsibly.

Application versions: 
File youtube-dl-open-helper-2020.11.26-1.3nep.noarch.rpm10.04 KB27/11/2020 - 20:31

- version bump after new upstream release - add download-helper - add download-helper-installer - add experimental settings page - add oneshot service to manage the desktop file