Patch: Notes app cover

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It's highly recommended to first UNAPPLY and then uninstall old versions (i.e. 2.1.4-1, 0.3-1 and older) before installing any other versions.

Modifies Notes app cover to:

1. Make the note text legible – good for using as a simple task/shopping list;

2. Add cover actions to switch between notes;

3. Show note color tag.


Requires patchmanager.

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3.3.0-1: Compatibility update with SFOS 3.3.0

3.0.0-1: New wide range of colors – probably works on 2.1.4 too

2.1.4-5: solved possible compatibility issue with patchmanager 3

2.1.4-4: minor improvements in line height and text alignment


  • App cover now remembers the last opened note
  • Note color shown on the cover

2.1.4-2: Added cover actions to switch between notes (thanks to olf for the idea)

0.3: Compatibility update with SFOS 2.1.1