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sRadio is a native and lightweight SHOUTcast client, built on the Shoutcast-sailfish open source project,


Features include:

Over 50,000 stations provided by SHOUTcast,

Browse by top 500, Genre or keyword search,

Station recording, record with one touch,

Car Mode, inspired from out BlackBerry App Star Player, sRadio includes a basic Car Mode,

Sleep timer with customisable functions and duration,

Night Volume for one touch reduction in playing volume (little moon button),

Favourites and station history both avaliable from the sRadio home,

MPRIS support with MPRIS.artUrl property implemented for any Apps which can show Artwork,

Built in battery monitor so sRadio can pause, close or reduce volume when the device reaches a user set percentage (find this in settings)

This is only my second Sailfish App so please give it a try and pop any feedback below or via email to me :)


NOTE: If you experience stuttering during playback, myself and Jolla are aware of this, the shoutcast-sailfish dev kindly created some patches which may help with this until a permanent fix is implemented by Jolla:

QtMultimedia Patch

GStreamer Patch






Jolla Pioneer Fans

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