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A small command-line application to view images from the terminal written in Rust. It uses lower half blocks (▄ or \u2584) to fit 2 pixels into a single cell by adjusting foreground and background colours accordingly. It can be used in combination with nnn and tmux to preview images directly in your terminal while browsing files in nnn (instructions)

For best results and higher resolution, use a terminal with support for 24bit colours like Literm or Havoc and add the following line to your ~/.bashrc:

export COLORTERM='24bit'

Then reboot or source ~/.bashrc.

# Features
- Animated GIF support
- Accept media through stdin
- Custom dimensioins
- Transparency

# Examples
- viu img/giphy.gif
- viu img/*
- viu ~/Pictures -rn

The shell will expand the wildcard above and viu will display all the images in the folder one after the other. For a more informative output when dealing with folders the flag -n could be used.

When viu receives only one file and it is GIF, it will be displayed over and over until Ctrl-C is pressed. However, when couple of files are up for display (second example) the GIF will be displayed only once.

# Aspect Ratio
If no flags are supplied to viu it will try to get the size of the terminal where it was invoked. If it succeeds it will fit the image and preserve the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio will be changed only if both options -w and -h are used together.

See "viu --help" for details.

# Disclaimer
I am not the developer of viu, I just packaged it for SFOS. viu is being actively developed by Atanas Yankov at


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