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Show a slide show of 10 news photos from The Guardian, "Photo highlights of the day", and also from Der Spiegel, "Bilder des Tages". Unfortunately Dutch NOS website stopped early May 2021 with the photo series "Nieuws in beeld", which all started this app.

At the bottom of the website of Dutch broadcasting company NOS, 10 very beautiful photos were being shown as "Nieuws in beeld". But it was a bother to load the website and to scroll down every time. So this app was created to show you the photos on your Sailfish device, with their titles, description and source.

The Guardian appeared to publish daily photos as well, so these are being shown as well.

Der Spiegel recently started with a page, publishing only one photo per day. This page shows over 30 photos now, so in Settings you can set the number of photos to be shown. (Text from Der Spiegel will be in German.)

NOS stopped their service, so Dutch news paper de Volkskrant was added. Less than one new photo a day.

Thanks to SanderKlootwijk! I used his Nednieuws code to shape my News Photos app. The About Page was heavily inspired by (or simply taken from) Damien Tardy-Panis's Daily Comics.



Application versions: 
File harbour-news-photos-2.2-0.noarch.rpm273.94 KB09/10/2021 - 09:33

* Sat Oct 09 2021 2.2-0
- Horizontal margin for caption, as X10ii has rounded edges

* Fri Jun 04 2021 2.1
- Dropped NOS, added de Volkskrant

* Sat Mar 13 2021 2.0
- Nothing major, just compatibility with HarbourBackup

* Tue Aug 18 2020 1.9-1
- App name "News Photos" on app cover
- New server address
- About Page through pull-down menu

* Sun Jul 05 2020 1.7-0
- Introduced ZoomableImage by Damien Tardy-Panis/Oleg Linkin

* Mon Jun 15 2020 1.6-0
- Added photos from Der Spiegel
- Rearranged captions

* Fri Jun 12 2020 1.5-1
- Supporting changes on Guardian website

* Sun May 24 2020 1.5-0
- Introduced tri-state for text background

* Sat Feb 08 2020 1.4-1
- Icons for light Ambiences
- Dutch translation added